An App for History

I ordered my iPhone this weekend, and oh so excited am I.

When my husband and I went low-tech on our phones a few years ago, I canceled the data plan on my phone, and have seen nary an app since then.

But it’s time to rejoin the 21st century, and when my phone arrives, I want to check out a new app from the Old Colorado City Historical Society (profiled on local NPR station KRCC’s The Big Something).

You can download it too, it’s free on iTunes. My phone won’t be here until later this week, so tell me what you think!


An Inspiring Place for Play

I would love to have this playground in my neighborhood.

And yes, it is as it looks: a limited edition bronze sculpture designed as a functional playground!

Created by artist Tom Otterness, the piece above was commissioned as a private installation in Massachusetts. But, Otterness has done public playgrounds as well, including the Big Girl Playground in Yonkers, NY Continue reading

History for the curious

It could be said that I am a bit of a voyeur.

Okay, it actually has been said that I’m a bit of a voyeur.

Raised in a family of unintentional eavesdroppers, a dinner out for me is a feast of accidentally overheard conversational snippets. Stumbling upon a realtor’s open house means a chance viewing of architectural interiors and home decorating styles. Continue reading