Fallen Star

I first saw the large scale installations of Korean-born artist Do Ho Suh at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle. And now, with the opening his Fallen Star in San Diego, it seems another West Coast trip may be in order…

I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves, but you can read more about Do Ho Suh and Fallen Star (which rests seven stories up, atop the University of California/San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering) here.

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Art in the Digital Age

I have a box of old floppy disks, loaded with critical data that I needed to save from the early 90’s. I also have a MacBook, and so no way to access any of that important information.

But, thanks to artist Nick Gentry of London, my disks can be saved from the landfill!

Gentry is creating “social art from the obsolete” with his Xchange program. You send him your disks, he makes art with them. And, if you include your address along with your donated disks, he’ll even send you “a gift for your contribution.”

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Play Me, I’m Yours

I love the idea of this touring public art project by artist Luke Jerram.

Play Me, I’m Yours began in Birmingham, England in 2008, and has been traveling internationally ever since. So far, the project has placed public pianos in 22 cities. Continue reading

Little Cabin in the Big City

Manifest Destiny!, by Jenny Chapman and Mark Reigelman, has brought a little log cabin to downtown San Francisco.

A site-specific public art piece installed last November, the cabin will hang on the side of the Hotel des Arts through October of this year.

Here’s my favorite thing about this piece: Not only is it made from reclaimed wood from an 1890’s barn, but the reach for authenticity includes the cabin’s interior as well. Inside, the tiny structure is fully outfitted with a rocking chair, a functioning wood stove and tea stained curtains.

Read more about it here.

Art on the Streets

Last month I posted about historypin, a great site linking historic images to Google’s Street View. Today, here’s an arts counterpart, Red Bull’s Street Art View, which tracks murals and graffiti. Continue reading

Candy Chang. My new favorite public artist.

I love this interactive community project! I heard about it through a post on Zac Suhar’s Juicebox, who heard about it on Mary Shouvlin’s For a life inspired.  You can learn more about the project, artist Candy Chang, and the artist-run Civic Center studio here.


Want to live longer? Think New York City.

Just read an interesting article about the shift in taste from big houses in suburban neighborhoods to smaller homes in areas with pedestrian-friendly cityscapes. And if you follow the links in the article, you can read why New York City now has the highest life expectancy in the country!

Articles by Nona Willis Aronowitz, published on Good.

housestory 2: A Contemporary Home for Artists

A burst of modernityI love this house! It’s a little burst of modernity on Columbia Street, among the many Victorian and Craftsman homes of downtown’s Patty Jewett neighborhood.

And it recently got a facelift, so I decided to celebrate by researching its housestory. The current owners have done a fantastic renovation, enhancing the home’s original clean lines and boxy shape. And the story of the home’s original owners is interesting as well… Continue reading