A Latte for Zebulon

This is the second in a series of Memorial Day posts recognizing some of the historic figures memorialized through sculpture in downtown Colorado Springs. See the first post here.

It’s hard not to be cool when you have a name like Zebulon.

Lucky for Zebulon Pike, he led an adventurous life equal to his name.

A contemporary of Thomas Jefferson’s Lewis and Clark, Pike joined the military at the tender young age of 15 and was a general by his early 30’s. He was sent by the president’s administration in 1806 to explore the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase. During that trip, which led him into Colorado, he documented the huge mountain he called “Grand Peak”. While he never reached the summit, that mountain was renamed Pikes Peak in the 1840’s in Pike’s honor.

Today, a bronze sculpture of Pike stands outside El Paso County’s Terry Harris Judicial Complex in downtown Colorado Springs.

And, you can admire Pikes Peak from downtown Colorado Springs while you sip a latte from Pikes Perk coffee house. Which, I like to think, would make Zebulon smile.



Pikes Peak Library District, Special Collections, Online Photograph Archives.


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