An Inspiring Place for Play

I would love to have this playground in my neighborhood.

And yes, it is as it looks: a limited edition bronze sculpture designed as a functional playground!

Created by artist Tom Otterness, the piece above was commissioned as a private installation in Massachusetts. But, Otterness has done public playgrounds as well, including the Big Girl Playground in Yonkers, NY

and the Silver Towers Playground, in another of New York City’s neighborhoods.

As I was looking around his website, I saw that Otterness’ bio also includes a privately commissioned playground in Colorado.

So, now all I need to know is: who’s backyard is this playground in, and when can my kids and I come over for a play date?

First seen via Tongue in Cheek.


9 thoughts on “An Inspiring Place for Play

  1. Hi there, it’s PlayGroundology dropping you a line. I hadn’t seen Tom Otterness’ Big Girl Playground previously. I will need to get in touch with him about that. I interviewed Tom for my first PlayGroundology post a couple of years ago. You can read it here if you have a moment – Always nice to find another playground lover. Cheers, Alex

    • What a great story! I hadn’t even noticed the swing under the knee, and love that the head is hollow. Fascinating tale about the creation of this work–housestory readers, if you’re interested in knowing more about Tom Otterness’ work, definitely check out PlayGroundology’s post at the above link.

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