Art on the Streets

Last month I posted about historypin, a great site linking historic images to Google’s Street View. Today, here’s an arts counterpart, Red Bull’s Street Art View, which tracks murals and graffiti. You can submit views of your favorite pieces, or use the tool  to search for art in a specific location.

The site is a little rougher than historypin. I couldn’t get the search tool to function correctly on a consistent basis, but once you get to the map, it’s fun to see what’s been catalogued. (The work around that I used was to click on “Random Art”, then “Back to Map”. Then you can zoom in to whatever location you like.)

Colorado Springs has just 3 postings so far, but larger cities have much more included. And, if you’re looking in Brazil (where the tool originated) you can find thousands.

Seen via good.


6 thoughts on “Art on the Streets

  1. More stuff to photograph and pin! I’m getting exhausted! (But don’t you just LOVE history pin and whatwasthere? I love the slider — it’s like shifting in time (you know, like having your own time machine!).

    Thanks for the follow, by the way!


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