Historic Photos on Historypin (a.k.a. There Goes the Rest of My Weekend…)

My house isn’t going to get cleaned this weekend.

I’ve just discovered Historypin–a new(ish) Google partnership at http://www.historypin.com–full of historic photographs of buildings and locales all over the world. The collection is searchable by both location and time. And the really, really fun part? Many of the images are linked to Google’s Street View,  so that you can view an historic photograph overlaid on a modern day street view.

The site relies on user contributions, so some areas have more photographs than others. For Colorado Springs, there are just 10 photographs so far. But London, where Historypin began, has hundreds of images, and even some virtual tours set up.

So, go take a look at Historypin. Search for images of your neighborhood. Maybe upload some old photos of your own. It’s okay…your house doesn’t need to get cleaned this weekend either.


9 thoughts on “Historic Photos on Historypin (a.k.a. There Goes the Rest of My Weekend…)

  1. Darn you! And I had house cleaning to do too! 😉 Looks like another bookmark to add to my collection and a potential time-sucker…lol. Actually, I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I rummaged through my Mom’s old photos for my post. Lots of places I’ve been to look completely different these days.

    • I know, definitely a time-sucker. But at least it’s fairly new, so as long as you’re not looking at London (where there are a ton of photos posted), you can look through the pictures fairly quickly! Thanks for reading!

      • I actually added a few photos after being prompted to do so when I liked their FB page. The thing to remember when pinning photos is to only pin one photo and not a collage as I did…I got a nice email from one of the Historypinners who reminded me to pin only one photo at a time. He’s from London, so it makes sense most of the pins are there.

  2. Thanks – what a great tip. I did a war bio some years ago and this could have been very useful for the background. Another incentive to get relatives old photos sorted out….

    • Thanks, it is a fun site isn’t it? I love the notepad section on each image as well, where you can read a short story about the photo itself–seems like a great place to stumble across some wonderful old anecdotes about a place.

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