I {Heart} General Palmer

A Civil War veteran turned railroad man, General William Jackson Palmer was the visionary founder of Colorado Springs.

And oh, but we love General Palmer in this town.

I recently ran across some inspiring words of the General’s in an old news article: Palmer’s thoughts on the ideal Colorado Springs, back when it all started in 1871. He wanted his town to embrace culture, knowledge, and creativity, and how that makes my heart swoon! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m reposting his plan here, to share the love.

“My theory for this place is that it should be made the most attractive place for homes in the West—a place for schools, colleges, literature, science, first class newspapers, and everything that the above imply. I would not lower the standard under the pressure of temporary poverty.”

(A quote from General William Jackson Palmer, reprinted in a 1955 article in the Colorado Springs Free Press written by journalist Le Roy Ellinwood.)


Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “I {Heart} General Palmer

  1. Your post brought back memories of a new bride joining her husband in the army in 1953. A topic for a future post. My oldest child born just below Helen Hunt Falls. Starting life in a most beautiful place. Thanks for the memory.

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